Witness Protection (The Witness #1) by Bec Botefuhr

Maya Traydon was just driving home one night, she didn't expect the way her life would change. She witnessed a murder and now everything in her life is being upended. She is put into Witness Protection with two males, who are beyond the image of perfection. They are gorgeous.

Ryder and Nate are best friends, and both so very different. Nate is gay and the sweetest man Maya has ever met, Ryder is a hard ass and a complete dominant. When she finds out about his sexual fantasies, her world begins to change.

On the run from a killer and trapped with a man who is awakening all her sexual desires. She wants Ryder, and he wants her but he has a persistant ex who keeps popping up where she isn't wanted and a killer insistent on driving her to insanity.

Join Maya's journey as she discovers a world of passion with Ryder, befriends the charming Nate and discovers a whole new side to herself, she didn't know she had.

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