The French Detective's Woman by Nina Bruhns

"Enemies by Day..." Paris Police Commissaire Jean-Marc Lacroix is obsessed with catching "le Revenant," a clever high-end thief who is targeting mansions and castles all over Europe. Jean-Marc's by-the-book superiors are convinced his unorthodox methods make him a loose cannon...but he refuses to let the slippery master-of disguise get the better of him. So he starts hunting the man on his own time.

"Lovers by Night..." Little does Jean-Marc realize that the ghostlike man is really a woman-Ciara Alexander, a stunningly seductive American art student whose accidental but sizzling stumble-upon at a nightclub leaves him breathless and hungry for more. That very night, their dangerous game of cat and mouse deepens...determined enemies chasing across Europe by day, intimate strangers by mask of night. That is, until the awful moment when Jean-Marc realizes the truth about Ciara, and must make the terrible choice between honor and duty...and the notorious woman he has unwittingly come to love.

Former titles: The Paris Caper; The French Detective's Woman

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